SALLE DE             CARBONNIER

 2-11 AOUT inclus

    10-12 am 2-6pm


THURSDAYS in the Salle de Rue de Marche starting 26th Jan. 

11€ per week plus 1€ for coffee and biscuits

10 am-13 00, for  all abilities.

             --------------------------------------------------------------------GREETINGS,CHRISTMAS, BIRTHDAY CARDS  NOW AVAILABLE 

Visit the portfolio of that name for images of my paintings, now available printed on high quality greetings cards with envelopes, individually packed. 
A4 folded = 21x15cm are €1.20 each or 10 for €11 
A5 folded = 5.5x15cm are 80 centimes each or 10 for €7.00.

There is no greeting inside but these could be added by order at a small extra charge. All images are available with or without "Happy Christmas, Birthday" or "Joyeuse NöeI, Bon anniversaire and Bon Année. I can make cards of most of the images on this site to order.
Email through this site for orders or details or call 0033 (0) 553 014824.
When ordering please specify the quantity, size large or small and the card number-C? don't worry about titles.


Colour in the visual world is what has always made me smile and to an extent dismiss material anxieties. It follows then that creating my own worlds of colour, texture and design absorb me similarly and when these please others my pleasure is compounded.

I am a gregarious person, having been constantly surrounded by others in my busy teaching life, but my work, apart from occasional portraits, is unpeopled. I enjoy the landscape but finding time to venture into it has been difficult and I prefer to only work from direct observation. This has led me to paint in my home, flowers and still life. I am a collecter, not in an ordered way but an aimless magpie collecting mostly non valuable things that have attracted me visually. My friends add to this ill assorted eclectic panoply by anticipating my tastes and giving me gifts that will appear in my work, hence peopling it with human presence, at least for me.

Over the past few years shoes also have also become significant in my work. Apart from the usual female love for them, they signify mood, ambition, places travelled to and through and often the pain suffered in these journeys. Combined with the kitsch of glitter, they beg the question of the choice of reality versus fantasy.
Why did Dorothy choose Kansas over Oz?

I intend to spend much of my newly gained time exploring old and new themes and venturing into any direction that beckons.